Lost River Mining Sluice


Lost River Mining Sluice

Panning for gemstones or fossils at the Lost River Mining Company is enjoyed by all ages. Let your search for a treasure begin! Gemstone, fossil, and shark’s teeth mining is available as an add-on to all admissions or is sold separately. The mining experience includes a bag of “mining rough” with two ounces of a variety of gemstones or shark’s teeth in each bag. The rough is placed in a screen-bottom tray which is then set in a water-powered sluice; as the rough is washed away the gemstones or shark’s teeth remain. Gemstones may include crystal points, amethyst, calcite, pyrite, etc. Each rock has a different history and unique story to tell. Collecting gemstones and fossils is exciting for all ages! To learn more about rocks, fossils, and collecting, visit Stag Hollow Mining.

*NOTE: This is an add-on to your admission fee.

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, Lost River Gorge is a smoke-free environment and designated service dogs are the ONLY animals allowed in the gorge.